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Beginner protection

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To give new players or accounts a fair start, you can use beginner protection. There are a number of restrictions to avoid abuse. You can choose to be both protected and restricted, or neither. The beginner protection lasts 3 days or until the rank Associate. It is impossible to change this in the meantime so make your choice carefully. You either have protection or you have no protection at all. There is nothing in between. Remember that this feature is meant to protect new players and to give players a choice to avoid low rank wars. The protection is not meant to be used for anything beyond that.
What restrictions will I face when protected?
  • You cannot attack other players.
  • You cannot steal from other players.
  • You cannot trade with other players through CBay
  • The crew will come down hard on you if you (try) to abuse the protection for scamming, faking or other types of site abuse.
  • Players can transfer up to 100 million per bank transaction.
  • When you own more than 250 million, players cannot transfer you money.
  • Players cannot choose you as their heir, and you will not receive an inheritance from your marriage.
  • You cannot set up a coke factory.
  • You can purchase a city, but you will lose your protection. The restrictions still apply
  • Players cannot transfer a business to you.
  • You can purchase or bankrupt a business, but you will lose your protection. The restrictions still apply
  • If you have more than 1.5 billion in your possession (for example through gambling), you will lose your protection. The restriction still apply
  • Under no circumstances is it possible to bypass the restrictions that you accept in exchange for protection.
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