Mafia Game Camorra World!

Welcome to the most unique mafia game on the internet, Camorra World! Blend into a world that exists of thousands other gangsters, criminals and maffia bosses. Camorra World is a free mafia game that provides you the most possibilities to develop yourself as a powerful mobster and take power over others!

#1 MMORPG text-based mafia game

Top 5 Crime Families in Camorra World

  Boss Headquarters Score
1 Ill-Manors Boobiemaker Catánia 64621.49
2 Equipe-De-Amigos schorpioenhennie Constanţa 62548.90
3 EquipeDeBanditos TimeBandit Paris 42560.40
4 J-zijn-schuld Degradatiespook Leeuwarden 21538.88
5 Wonderland robijn Miami 17078.45

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